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Whenever you shift to a new location, everyone who comes to know about this would suggest you and advise you about so many things related to shifting, but it is always good to take advise from experienced people , who are into the shifting business, today moverspackers 360 would share with you some of the packing tips which would really help you in your next move. movers packers 360 provide list of top packers and movers in delhi.

Start your work Early
You can consider it as the best advice given by “Movers packers 360” , since packing of goods required to takes maximum times than you expectation. It is always advisable to start the packing work early and complete one room in a day, this would avoid the last moment rush, and all your work would be done on time. 

Declutter your home for goods
Check all the goods which is there in your home, and ask yourself weather you need all of them or not? There must be many items which you have never used, we suggest you to either donate them or sale those items. Every packing and moving charges to their clients after checking the quantity and weight of the goods , by getting rid of unwanted goods, the weight and quantity of your goods would be less and they would charge you less.

Labeling of boxes
When you shift to a new location and you have packed your goods into the boxes , it is very important that you label all the boxes correctly, you can make use different color boxes for different rooms to distinguish the boxes  of each rom. Also make a list of the items which you have put in all the boxes , this will help you to locate all your goods. Moverspackers360 provide best packers and movers in Delhi.

Concentrate on one room at a time
Never dump all your goods into a single box. Do packing of one room at a time. Planning is very important and accordingly you have to do the packing of a particular room, once it is done then you need to shift to another room to complete the packing work of another room. Once all packing work is done, then all the leftover content of every room should be packed labeling as miscellaneous.

Select the right type of moving box
Never keep smaller items in a big moving box, make sure that you put smaller and lighter items in small boxes and then keep those smaller boxes into bigger boxes.

Keep all your important documents with you, safely
This is the most important step to keep in mind  to safeguard and keep with yourself all the password , all your family members  passport, educational certificate, agreement, property papers etc along with you. The safety of the document is very important, as it is very difficult to get the copy of all the documents.

Get the Insurance done of all your valuable items.
If you have expensive jewelry, some unique and rare collections, and expensive artwork, we packers and movers Delhi would advise you to protect all your expensive items using a moving insurance. There is many third party insurance company how do this. Pack necessary items in a separate items

Prepare a box to keep all the necessary goods, which you might require immediately after reaching to your new home

Prepare a list of all the items you wish to relocate to the new location and then while unloading the goods you can cross check all the items, you can also check all the items and can also disover at the time of unloading that weather any goods get damaged or not while shifting the goods.

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